I just get sooo sick of people who have different lifestyles or are part of what used to be a minority group getting loads of special treatment. I mean I understand the point of some of it, I just wish it would be executed more effectively.

It seems like people get brownie points for being Latino, or African American, or gay or lesbian or even just for being female. I mean I am all for equality, there’s nothing I would like more than for every individual to be treated equally and be given an equal opportunity to succeed.

But I don’t understand why on school forms there is an entire separate field for having a Hispanic heritage. Or why in some places, certain groups of people get money thrown at them for school just because of their heredity and not because of their enthusiasm for the their field of study or their achievements. 

The social attitudes towards people who have lifestyles that are non-traditional are kind of out there too. I can’t side with the conservatives who are all “It’s evil to be gay!” and say that anybody who won’t follow their doctrine is no friend of theirs. On the other side of the spectrum, I can’t side with them either, because it just does not make any sense to me for someone to get praised for their sexuality or feeling like it’s something to lord over people because it’s different.

Now I know that the majority of people aren’t as black-and-white as I have portrayed it here. It just really bothers me when people gain things by no power of their own. It really seems to me that even though we are aiming for “equality” it is being overshot and we’re all landing somewhere else. My friends and I enjoy each other’s company so much and we all come from such different lifestyles and backgrounds.

Variety is the spice of life, and I know i would absolutely hate it if we had to lose any its shining points, but is it too much to ask for some real equalness?